Can you remember the last meeting you had in your office? What did you discuss? Chances are you zoned out midway and can barely recall what the meeting was all about.

Events and meetings can be boring, especially when you are sitting in a plain hotel conference room eating muffins.

Forget your office board room, or your favourite hotel conference room, change the scenery and get out on the water.

Yes! Host your next staff meeting, office party or entertain clients in a unique yet safe, fun and thrilling way aboard the Atlantic Princess.

The spectacular backdrops, vibrant atmosphere and exceptional service available on the Atlantic Princess are perfectly suited for a very memorable corporate event.


Unforgettable Yet Productive Corporate Events

  • Nothing is boring about a Super Yacht. Your event attendees will be wowed from the moment they step aboard. The lavish interior and generous exterior of the Atlantic Princess provides the perfect venue for successful meetings and social corporate events. You can be sure your clients and employees will remember the event years to come thanks to the fascinating floating event venue.
  • Want your staff meetings to be more productive? Take your staff away from the office environment and bring them on the boat. There’s just something soothing and calming about the water. The Atlantic Princess is far removed from any sign of an office but still highly connected for a productive meeting or event.
  • By taking your staff out of their everyday office setting it will give them, and you, a fresh perspective on old problems encouraging more creativity, and help them to come up with bolder, more out-there ideas.
  • Go off the beaten path and stray from the sameness of traditional events and host your corporate event on the calm waters aboard the Atlantic Princess. This will create a refreshing change of pace and even increase attendance.

Tailor-made Corporate Event Cruise to Suit your Business Needs 

The Atlantic Princess specially catered meeting and event packages are tailored to your unique needs. From the moment that you walk onboard, we will ensure that you have everything you need to run a successful event.

We’ll alter the seating arrangements and tables to suit the occasion. For training sessions, we have seating areas for breakout sessions. All our meeting rooms come with onboard TV for you to connect your laptop for a presentation.

So, whether it’s a staff meeting, team building session, training session, client meeting or a corporate lunch, dinner and cocktail the Atlantic Princess crew will deliver a seamlessly executed event sure to impress everyone in attendance.

Take your lunch or afternoon tea on the top deck as you enjoy breathtaking 360 degrees views of the spectacular surroundings. You’ll be served by our professional staff who are accustomed to meeting guests’ every need.

Replace the mundane hotel or office with a luxury yacht and give your colleagues and clients the most memorable event of their lives. You really can’t go wrong when you choose The Atlantic Princess!

Contact Us today so we can help you organise your companies best meeting/event to date.