Marlin Fishing Season Cairns 2020 Book Now & Save!

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There is fishing, and then there is big-game fishing. But above all, there is marlin fishing – the most elusive of all. For most anglers, marlin fishing gives you the thrill of a lifetime. It is one of the most exciting challenges for both the rookie and experienced anglers. They are fast, heavy, energetic and darn huge. And their speed, Marlins can swim an extraordinary 50 miles (or more) per hour!

Atlantic Princess Mothership For Your Marlin Fishing Adventure 2020

A fishing expedition on a Marlin Fishing Charter Boat that motherships alongside the Atlantic Princess Superyacht will give anglers an opportunity to chase fishing expeditions and still have a comfortable and luxurious warm night that is close to home. The Superyacht staterooms are fitted with perfectly working air-conditioners, the service is 5 star and you even have a private chef cooking delicious meals which you can enjoy on the top or aft deck. Relax in a unique hammock, sunbathe and relax before your next day of fishing. Book the Atlantic Princess for your live-aboard marlin fishing adventure next year!

Taking Bookings Now for the 2020 season at 2019 rates but only until 14 December, 2019.

Catch and Release Game

Marlin fishing is usually done for recreational purposes, and the “catch and release” is used as a technique for conservation. After capture, the giant fish is pulled beside the boat, measured and weighed before being unhooked and released back to the water.

It is a game-prize activity – the rewards being hundreds of photos, aching arms, legs and back, and a few grazes or blisters. This means you require a reliable sea home – the Atlantic Princess Super Yacht and mothership – where you can wash up with fresh water, eat fresh meals and relax on the comfortable deck and sleep in the luxurious rooms.

How to Catch Marlin Fish (if you can)

As much as they are tenacious and fight ferociously both below and on the surface, all marlin species tire out quickly. They are locally abundant as the lagoons and the Great Barrier Reef along the shores of Cairns (between Cairns and Lizard Island) host a variety of food for these marlins. You can spot them from afar since they leap, jump or fly out as if they are on “Red Bull”.

Most rookie anglers don’t use their boat enough to maximise their chances of spotting or catching a fish. By trimming, or pushing your boat to 6 knots, you cut down on the drag in the water. This not only drops consumption levels significantly but also creates more prop wash, which attracts more fish to your spread and makes your lures work better. Marlin species react to a bubble trail and activity around the boat, giving you a high chance of catching one.

Fish can be choosy! Fresh and lively bait is ideal for increasing your chances of baiting fish. Ideally, the bait should be caught a day before. The smaller pelagic fish is the most effective live baits for blue marlin since they are a natural delicacy to the blue marlin.

Taking Bookings Now for the 2020 season at 2019 rates but only until 14 December, 2019.