Atlantic Princess Super Yacht Is The Only Way To Experience The Whitsunday’s Lifestyle

For most people visiting the Queensland a trip to Whitsundays islands is a huge highlight. There are 74 pristine islands in Whitsundays all within 100 miles of each other giving the chance to experience a once in a lifetime holiday.

There are several ways to get to Whitsundays the easiest being flying to either the Great Barrier Reef Airport at the Hamilton Island or Whitsunday Coast Airport on the mainland in Proserpine.

There are direct flights operating daily from Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Cairns. You can also choose to use 2 light plane airports at Lindeman Island and Shute Harbor.

If you want a more adventurous trip, consider taking a train. The Queensland Rail’s Sunlander operates from Cairns and Brisbane to Proserpine a few times a week.

The Glorious Wonders of Whitsundays Islands Tours

This little slice of heaven will provide you with the most idyllic and stunning natural landscapes surrounded by beautiful beaches.

Strategically placed right at the heart of the amazing Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays is the ultimate display of Australia’s coastal beauty and marine wildlife.

There are several ways to get to the various islands but the best way is aboard the Atlantic Princess.d Charter her for your own luxurious, personal holiday and island hop by sea on your own floating hotel.

Things Not To Miss On Your Visit To The Whitsundays

No matter how you choose to explore the islands, there is so much for you do. Don’t miss out on the following Australian highlights.

See the Aussie Animals

Wildlife Hamilton Island is home to some of the most popular Aussie animals. Though small, the sanctuary has all the major Aussie animal species.

Spend a day here and take pictures with our kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, and wombats among other native animals. This is especially a great activity for those of you traveling with children.

Soak in the Sun on Whitehaven

Whitehaven beach is one of the best beaches in the world. It’s literally beach heaven! It has some of the highest levels of silica in its sand making it extremely soft and your feet will love it.

The sand also doesn’t get too hot allowing you to enjoy lying in the sand as you soak in the sun or take a walk on this eco-friendly and super clean beach which is only accessible by sea, another great reason to stay onboard the Atlantic Princess.

Escape to Long Island

Whitsundays’ Long Island is one of the easiest places among the 74 islands to visit if you don’t have much time for your Australian holiday as it’s located closest to the mainland.

This island is easily accessible and offers a great escape for those seeking some relaxation and downtime from the usual hassle of life. The island’s tranquil atmosphere and fewer number of visitors will give you the best chance to just chill and relax.

Take a Jet Ski Tour

Feeling more adventurous? Kick things up a notch higher and take a jet ski tour on the open waters.

Enjoy different parts of Whitsundays at high speeds while exploring this gorgeous coastline. Get to see the island’s highlights with your adrenaline pumping! We can organise a jet ski tour for you with one of the best local operators.

See the Great Barrier Reef Aboard the Atlantic Princess

There’s no better way to explore the Great Barrier Reef than aboard the luxurious private charter yacht cruising between the 74 islands.

Imagine soaking in the fresh sea air, getting lost in the magnificent scenery surrounding you all while enjoying 5-star services as you cruise these world’s largest water bodies including the Great Barrier Reef.

The Atlantic Princess provides a comfortable, stable and luxurious vacation whether you’re interested in just a one day tour or want to keep the adventure going for two or more weeks as you delve deeper exploring around the islands.

Our dedicated crew aboard the Atlantic Princess will ensure your experience is customized to your individual needs so that you are left with nothing but the best memories. Get to enjoy onboard entertainment, catering, luxurious accommodation and a host of activities such as fishing, Great Barrier Reef snorkeling, swimming and island tours organised for you.

The Atlantic Princess can accommodate 8 guests at a time allowing us to provide you personalized attention and lavish exclusive services.